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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Mystery of Talking With god

The Mystery of Talking with God is the title of the reflection in Open Mind, Faithful Heart by Pope Francis. He asks, "To whom do you pray?" Then he goes on to say that it is person to person: "we pray to the Father or to the Son or to the Holy Spirit. What is more, each one of the divine Persons relates to us differently when we pray."
Then we are reminded that "it is God himself who inspires our prayer; it is the Holy Spirit who suggests to us what the Father wants to hear. "...Praying in the Spirit means becoming fully aware both of our neediness and of the power of this divine presence within us.The precarious mature of our Christian existence makes us realize that we need to ask for help, and so we are given the Holy Spirit to guide us in our petition, adoration, thanksgiving, and contemplation." (More later)
I must say I am loving the Forty Hours at St. Augustine. It is rather interesting though that with the entire Church full of empty benches, my bench and the one behind me gets crowded with the college students. I begin by choosing a place in the middle of the third bench from the front so I will not have distractions during my holy hours; there are two very devote young men in front of me and they stay for at least an hour; a young girl arrives and sits in my bench to my left;  a short time later someone appears on my right and then I become aware that the bench behind me has several people. When I finally decide I need to get home, I am surprised to see that the students have surrounded me but the rest of the Church only has three or four people scattered among the empty benches. This was the first day; I choose a bench half way back the second day and stayed there in solitude. However, I must admit that there is something so special in the prayer during the Forty Hours that the time flies and I am so blessed to be able to spend extra hours in prayer! I do pray for all of you and for the needs of our world - I pray with Jesus, in the Holy Spirit, and to the Father!

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elena g.v. said...

"I pray with Jesus, in the Holy Spirit, and to the Father!"I love it.
I'd like to add: I pray to the father when I feel "daughter", I pray to Jesus when I feel "friend". I pray to the Spirit when I feel lost.