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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Community Week End

We usually plan our living together in community each year in September when we also do the budget. We did manage to find time for the budget, but postponed the community week end planning until now and I have planned it so please pray that it all works out. We are going to begin with drawing our family trees and sharing; we have a new member from Canada here on her sabbatical and so thought we would begin with our family history. Then we go to Mass together and dinner. On Sunday morning we will be sharing our hopes, fears, challenges and then looking to see what we want as our community goals this year. We will have a prayer in honor of St. Philippine Duchesne with the area on Sunday afternoon. In the evening we will finalize our list of "household tasks", celebration of birthdays and special days such a Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc. I just need to finish the Sunday morning prayer and prepare the sign up sheets but wanted to let you know that this is an important week end for us and ask your prayers for it.

I read a lovely reflection by Sr. Miriam Pollard taken from her book, The Listening God. I will share a bit of it today and tomorrow as I am still scheduling ahead. She says, "To start the work of conversion from the truth of God's love for me at this moment, in these circumstances, and as I now am, is not to duck out on the effort conversion demands. It's to start the effort in the right place."
"We need to keep coming back to this starting place--the unimaginable acceptance in which God wraps us round. He runs toward us in every circumstance. He enjoys our company, smiles at our attentions and relaxes in our affection."
That is enough to think about today. To be continued tomorrow.

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