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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"Open Mind, Faithful Heart"

The book "Open Mind, Faithful Heart: Reflections on Following Jesus" will keep me reading and praying over Pope Francis' words for many weeks. In the Foreword, Gustavo Larrazabal, CFM, says of this book:
" is a book of spirituality. Let no one be deceived about that. It is written in a simple style using plain language that is accessible to the general public. It is the last book written by Bergoglio as cardinal, and it is the one that he liked best of all. ...
"There is no question about the quality of this work. Its texts are addressed to a wide audience, not only to priests and religious. Its forty-eight evocative meditations have an 'Ignatian flavor'  that will help the reader to draw closer to God and to others ... "

I am finding that it is a book to be prayed over with the Bible in hand as the scripture references are many and needed to really reflect on what the subtitle says about "following Jesus." I hope it does draw me closer to God and others! I know I will be sharing some of it in this blog!

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