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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday's Gospel is one of my favorites

Remember that tax collectors were not acceptable; indeed, most of the Jews feared, hated, and shunned them. Jesus comes along and sees the desire of one, a wealthy man and a tax collector, who has wished to see Jesus and so climbed a tree. Jesus stops under that tree and invites him to come down as Jesus wants to go home with him. The astonished man comes down quickly, filled with joy. Then comes a complete conversion in which he promises to give half of his wealth to the poor and, if he has wronged others, to restore four-fold whatever was lacking... he is really just so happy that Jesus wants to be with him.
Now, the truth is that Jesus wants to be with each of us. He calls us to come quickly and He wants to stay with us. Do we listen to this invitation and accept with alacrity and joy? And do we also amend our lives because we have been singled out by Jesus?
Lots to think about today!

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