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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Spiritual Letters

Sister Wendy Beckett, a real hermit, has become famous for her television programmes and her books on the spiritual meaning of so many paintings by famous and not so famous artists. She is so deeply spiritual herself that she finds a depth of meaning in art and in life. She also has written over twenty books about art and a book on prayer that I have on my bookshelf and need to go back to but I am loving her latest book, Spiritual Letters by Wendy Beckett. It is a collection of notes and letters put together by the Carmelite, Sister Gillian. Most of these letters pre-date Sister Wendy's emergence as "the Art nun" and are from the years just after her transfer from an active, teaching Order to the life of a hermit. I am loving the letters and find such solid spiritual help being given. Most of the letters are to one nun in her former order who is a great friend. She is also one who sends Sister Wendy books on art; others are answers to written notes from some of the Carmelites at the convent where Sister Wendy attends Mass and Liturgical prayer but lives apart and does not speak with them except when she has accepted an invitation to speak to the novices. I am sure you will be hearing more from me about this book as I have found she has a real gift of speaking about prayer.
This was scheduled for November 25th but did not get published so it is now the day after my brother's birthday.  He was born on Thanksgiving but after dinner at my paternal Grandmother's; my other brother was born on Christmas morning  just less than two years before John. I also have a grand niece who is celebrating her birthday on the 25th; I think she is sweet sixteen! She is an excellent student and athelete and is the only girl with three brothers. Happy Birthday John and Theresa! Sorry this seems to be a day late! I have been scheduling ahead and that often makes for complications but much less stress to post on time each day.

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