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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Following Jesus

In his book, Open Mind, Faithful Heart, Pope Francis says that the encounter with Jesus Christ takes place in our daily lives in three ways: the direct contact of prayer; in the wise discernment of the signs of the times; and in our brothers and sisters. He insists that Jesus is searching for each of us. Sometimes He passes by us and we do not recognize Him. Sometimes I am just too occupied with other things to see how Jesus is present to me and I am not present to Him.
If we get the habit of looking for Him, of thanking Him for the various encounters we do have with Him during the day, we will grow in our awareness of His constant presence in our lives. It is not easy. I had a wonderful, holy spiritual director who used to tell me that the spiritual life is simple, not easy but simple. Let us try today to recognize Jesus as He comes to us through others, in our prayer, in a phone call, in e-mails, and in our responding to someone's need.
I also want to say that we had a fruitful, peaceful, prayerful, community week end. Thanks for your prayer. 

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