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Thursday, July 24, 2014

An avalanche of words...

Have you ever thought of being overwhelmed, even smothered with words? I was reading a reflection by Kathy Coffey in my Mass booklet, "Give Us This Day" and she says: "The day has held an avalanche of words." She then asks, "Which ones can be carried forth and cherished, like embers against the cold?"

I was reflecting on the many words I encounter each day, not only orally but I am a reader and devour thousands of words each day. Then Kathy reminds us that "when we hear precisely the right words at the right time, our gratitude is immense. Someone understands, someone walks the same path; someone encourages us on. In such wisdom, we rediscover what we already know, what simple essentials it boils down to "to do the right and to love goodness and to walk humbly with your God."

Now, I shall share I the grace I had when I was reflecting on this after Communion. Please note that I am not in the habit of hearing Jesus speak to me in words, but this time He told me quite clearly that I did not need words because His Heart was open for me just to enter and be with Him. I am trying to remember the exact words to share with you today:
"Words are not necessary. My Heart is open for you to enter."

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