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Friday, July 18, 2014

Mother Stuart on Prayer

Mother Janet Erskine Stuart said that we should prepare our prayer, "but when you have made a beginning, they you may and should follow what comes."

"The Spirit breathes where he will...Go trustfully. There is nothing to make you afraid..."

Mother Stuart faithfully prepared her own prayer by writing points of meditation; we were taught as novices to do the same and for years I found it very helpful to try to do the same, but I seldom do so now. It is a good discipline and I do try to prepare my prayer whenever I feel the need; usually I have something I want to take to prayer the next day and so rise with a great desire to have at least an hour of just being with the Lord and He takes me as I am - sometimes jubilant, sometimes concerned, sometimes dry of all spiritual thoughts and other times have so much to say that it takes me time to sink into the silence of deeper prayer.  I really believe that "the Spirit breathes where he will..."

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