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Monday, July 14, 2014

The importance of attitude

I read that attitude makes a huge difference in our lives. I know this from my own experience. Some people have a negative attitude and are ready to find fault with everything; others have a positive attitude toward life and these are happy people. They are grateful for what they have; they look for the good in others. They want to share this positive attitude with all.

Jesus wants us to realize that we have all we need to live a happy life. He wants us to enjoy life and His Love is trying to expand our hearts; He wants us to let His Love overflow into our day and help others to see what a difference it makes when you know that you are loved and loved unconditionally. Then we look for the good things and find good even when we think something is not working for us. We trust His Love and go on with a smile for we have cultivated a positive attitude and this attracts others, too.

How am I trying to develop a positive attitude? For me, I think keeping a gratitude journal is a great help. At least I can now find good things happening all day long - sometimes they are little things like a green light, finding a parking place, reading something that uplifts me, receiving encouragement from a friend, etc.

Today I will tackle the last of my Spanish letters, I hope. I keep procrastinating because I no longer write easily in Spanish (I was fluent but not free from mistakes; now I have lost the fluency and flounder trying to say what I want.) I did mail two letters yesterday and intend to do two more today.

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