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Friday, July 11, 2014

Thoughts from my morning prayer

This month we received the Society of the Sacred Heart published  book of the "Letters and Conferences 2000-2008" of our former Mother General, Sister Clare Pratt. I, compulsive reader that I am, sat down and reread them all and then began to use the book for my afternoon prayer/reflection time. Some days I have gone back to it during my morning prayer as it is all on our spirituality and so I find it helpful, stimulating, and satisfying.

There is a Conference given for the entire Society of the Sacred Heart for the Feast of the Sacred Heart. Since we are in 43 very different countries on all continents, the internationality aspect of our vocation is very evident in these Conferences but also in the Conference given for each international group of our young Religious who spend five months in Rome before final profession. In a conference given before the end of these months of prayer and reflection, each group receives a "name" and a "devise" - my group (who made our Profession back in 1960 we were 45 and all was in French then) received the name "Apostolic Courage" which was very helpful for me as I went straight from Rome to Chile.

This morning I went back to one of the conferences for our young Religious (we still call them probanists and the months before Profession is called "Probation"). The time was described as one of reflection, discovery, integration, and renewed commitment. I see that my retirement years are also a time of reflection, discovery,
integration, and renewed commitment. I am so grateful for this time!

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