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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Our new formation booklet speaks of mutual accompaniment in community. I think this is a great gift when it happens and I do know how to foster it, but it is a grace to pray for and something to strive for as we realize that community is a place for our formation and growth.
When I was asked to be superior in Coquimbo in the poorest region of Chile, I agreed only if the community would meet for prayer and sharing each week. They were all still in habits and, although souls of prayer, they had not been praying together and sharing their week with one another. It was difficult for some, but we kept at it and never missed a week. Gradually, we came to know the interior life of each; I assure you that knowing the interior life is much more interesting and leads to love, compassion, empathy, and admiration. We grew together in a way that I would not thought possible and we were able to see the value of the weekly sharing. The flowers above triggered off this reflection; they are different, but mingles together in a joyful mix and willing to just be there.

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