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Monday, May 11, 2015

Busy end of Academic year

Before I came home, I had made appointments for every day of the first week plus I plunged into community life again with the joy of cooking, entertaining guests, back to gym, and just trying to do too much. I think many of us try to do too much and we need to slow down and enjoy each day. I am taking my car in for a needed check up today and that will keep me home and I look forward to just being. I forgot how easily we can get caught up in so many things, and the end of an academic year is always a challenge for many. I at least am free from the correction of final papers and exams and pray for those who are struggling to make deadlines - both the students and the teachers!

I have just received some new books in the mail and can hardly wait to read them, but I am also reading three or four books now so I need again to tell myself to slow down; I have all the time there is, 24 hours a day, so just take one thing at a time. The nice thing is that the books will wait for me.

Since I began making a conscious effort to listen to the Holy Spirit these past few days, I seem to be getting many inspirations that are leading me to greater gratitude for each moment of life.

I am taking time to both talk things over with the Holy Spirit and listen to the Spirit as I need guidance in my daily choses. I am also praying for all my readers that all of us may be very connected to the Spirit and docile in following the inspirations of the Holy Spirit. I assure you that I sit here each day and just ask the Spirit to inspire words that will be of some help to at least some today.
Come, Holy Spirit, and enkindle the fire of Divine Love in our hearts today!

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Unknown said...

Hello Helen,

Greetings from Malaysia. I am glad you have time to read. I have published a couple of books that I will like to send to you. Will you like to received them? My email address is . Please email me.