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Friday, May 8, 2015

We are called and chosen...

Before I became ill and almost died last September, I had begun to read the book that is now claiming my attention again. It is "The Church of Mercy" by Pope Francis. I am finding that I have really underlined a great deal. My marker was on Chapter 10 and this is what I want to underline and share:

"An apostle is a person who has been given a mandate, sent to do something, and the apostles were chosen, called and sent out by Jesus to continue his work, that is, to pray --which is the primary job of an apostle--and, second, to proclaim the Gospel."

We need to ask ourselves, "Do we really pray for the salvation of the world? How do I proclaim the Gospel?

I am sure I will be sharing more of this book as I seem to resonate with the spirituality of Pope Francis who is leading by word and example.

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