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Sunday, May 3, 2015

A revolution of mercy

I have Walter Kasper's book on Mercy on my Kindle and I-pad; it is a great book, but I like to hold spiritual books in my hands. I buy the Kindle editions because they are usually much cheaper, but I think I will buy his newest book, "Pope Francis' Revolution of Tenderness and Love: Theological and Pastoral Perspectives."
Here is what Paulist Press has to say:
"Kasper describes Francis as a charismatic, confident leader completely convinced of the message of the Gospel. He "combines continuity with the great tradition of the Church with renewal and ever new surprises. This also includes a poor church for the poor. This is not a liberal program; it is a radical program. Radical because it touches on the root and is a revolution of tenderness and love...What the pope is proposing is the humble way devout people move continents and can move mountains(Mt 17,19,21). A little mercy-he says-can change the world. This is the Christian revolution...It is a revolution in the true sense of the word-originally, the return to the origin of the Gospel as a way forward, a revolution of mercy."

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