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Friday, May 29, 2015

Dialoging with saints


Once I have started just talking to saints, it is easy. By saints, I am not talking just to canonized saints, but include many relatives and friends who have gone to God before me. I suppose others do this, too, but we do not often speak of it. Talking to Jesus, to Mary, to famous, canonized saints, is something Catholics take for granted, but how many of us also talk to parents or grandparents or just good friends who have died and we still need to talk to them?

What I think is helpful to me, now that I have started doing this, is to write out a dialogue. If we listen, we will hear whatever they have to say to us. Sometimes we just feel their presence. If we try having a conversation in writing, I think we are surprised to hear them conversing with us in words. Now, this does not always happen and sometimes I guess we invent the dialogue, but maybe this is a gift of the Holy Spirit for the time after Pentecost. At any rate, I invite you to try it. It is one way I am letting myself be surprised by God. Remember the three attitudes the Holy Father asked all to cultivate: hopefulness, letting God surprise us, and living in joy!

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