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Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Trinity

Today is the Feast of the Holy Trinity. It is usually the Feast of the Visitation, but the Sunday after Pentecost is always the Feast of the Trinity - we honor Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 
to our experienceThe Trinity is not just a dogma but an indwelling presence of three Persons who continually create, save, and sustain us and all of creation.
It is a mystery, but I remember preparing children for their First Holy Communion and asking: Is the Father God? Is the Son God? Is the Holy Spirit God? After their loud affirmations to these questions I would ask, "then are there three Gods?" and the children would respond with such faith, "Oh, no, there is only one God but three persons in one God." We have the gift of faith and so we believe even when we do not really understand.
I am having a delightful day as it is also my 84th birthday and, although we had a Liturgy here last night, we are going to a Mass in the parish and to a luncheon afterwards as part of the farewell celebrations in honor of Suzanne Cooke, the head of our school who will be beginning a new ministry to help all of our schools in the United States and Canada. We will miss her!

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