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Sunday, May 24, 2015

The work of the Spirit

I have been reflecting in my own life on the work of the Holy Spirit. I am sure it began with my Baptism, but I was not yet a month old so only know that I became a child of God with the Holy Spirit present; the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have loved me and watched over me ever since. Then came Confirmation; since it was the same day as my First Communion when I was six, I remember all the preparation for Holy Communion and very little of what the Sacrament of Confirmation meant except that I now had another name of a saint and a sponsor to help me and the Holy Spirit made me a "soldier of Christ."
As I may have shared before, it was a special grace at the Trinita in Rome that helped me to develop a real relationship with each person in the Blessed Trinity. It was then that I realized how often I was receiving nudges from the Holy Spirit. Actually, we always had prayed to the Holy Spirit for enlightenment and asked for wisdom, but I now had a more personal relationship with the Spirit.
This reflection is leading up to the fact that Pentecost is a great feast for the Spirit wants to descend upon us all in a special way; we just need to ask for this - and we need to be faithful to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit. St. Madeleine Sophie, whose feast falls fittingly this year on Pentecost Monday, has said that she wanted only to be faithful to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit.

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