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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Listening to Jesus

Listening to Jesus is not hard, but I need to tune myself out first. It is amazing how often I find myself talking to myself in my head. Perhaps others do this, too, but I need to be quiet to really listen to Jesus who is trying to talk to me. Actually, when I become quiet, I hear God speaking to me in so many ways and He does not even need words. Remember, silence is God's first language.

I used to think I needed to close my eyes and really enter into quiet prayer in order to listen to Jesus. Now, I find He keeps talking to me in everything around me. It is a grace and I may have mentioned it recently in a blog as I think I have just become more in tune with how God listens to my heart and lets me listen to his heart.

It is something like a married couple who have been together for so many years that they now are able to communicate without words.

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