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Monday, May 4, 2015

Following Jesus

Sometimes we find ourselves following Jesus on a beautiful path; flowers abound, the way seems clear, but then we seem to reach a bend and need courage to follow the path into the unknown. Has this ever happened to you? It calls for courage and trust to keep on a path that now seems faint, arid maybe or just plain difficult. This is where, as my great Uncle Jim would say, "When the going gets tough, only the tough keep going." The name given to my group who made final profession in 1960 was "Apostolic Courage" and it has often helped me to remember that. Now the Pope is calling us all to have apostolic courage and go forth and spread the Good News. I guess I try to do that in this blog. God loves each of us so much and wants us to just let Him love us. Believe that and you will be full of joy! Trust Him and your path will be easy and you will find flowers all along the way.

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