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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dialogue with St. Madeleine Sophie

Dialogue with St. Madeleine Sophie
Me: Happy Feast! It is good to celebrate the 200 years of our Constitutions and the 150 anniversary of your death. I remember what a good dialogue I had with you in Jette years ago; I also remember how you came to me when I needed you in Chile. I just need to have another conversation with you now.

MS: I am here; I like having “Little Words” with you and I suppose you are still trying to understand why you are alive? You are always spoiled by God, but this time God wanted you to stay alive.

Me: Yes, I am grateful but I am asking myself why and especially what is it that I am still to do for God?

MS: Well, you were going to write the life of Lucile Mathevon;  you are not only alive, but God helped you to regain your strength and gave you many graces while you were at Oakwood.

Me: I know and feel so grateful for the Presence of Jesus and Mary in my room during the time of isolation. I was also aware of my parents coming and just being there whenever the infection returned and I would have fever again. You came, and Philippine. Actually, the small room sometimes seemed full of the Communion of Saints. Still, it was sometimes hard to be there when I wanted to get out of my room and see my friends.

MS: What would you say those months of isolation were for you?

ME: I think it was like another “ Probation”;  it was a contemplative time and I know my relationship with Jesus deepened. I was more conscious of His Presence and we had an intimacy that gave me real joy.  I learned to know myself better – both the good and the bad and I also prayed a great deal with the Constitutions, the Chapter of 2008, and our new formation booklet.  As much as I longed to get rid of the infection and get out of isolation, I realized that it was a graced-time for me.  Each morning, Jesus  came in Holy Communion and I knew that all the community was praying for me.

MS; Yes, the prayers of others were winning graces for you. You wanted to be more contemplative and you had the time given to you. I am glad you are so grateful and kept your desire to give Jesus joy by choosing what pleases Him. That is what you are called to do and then you give joy to others.

ME: I love it when you tell me, “Be humble, be simple, and bring joy to others.”

MS: Keep on doing this as it pleases Jesus.

Me: What else do you want to tell me?

MS: You have a love for the Society and this pleases me. Now you must share that love with others. I want you to continue to deepen your relationship with each Person in the Blessed Trinity. That is something you have been inspired to do but often forget .  I also want you to continue to reach out to others.

Me. I will try. I sometimes feel I have nothing to give, but I have the grace of vocation and know that relationships are important as I am called to reveal God’s love. Thank you for being with me today in a real conversation!

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