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Friday, May 11, 2007

The Essence of Prayer is God

Today I need to share a few thoughts from Ruth Burrows, OCD's latest book, Essence of Prayer that begins by asking what we mean by prayer and then says: "Almost always when we talk about prayer we are thinking of something we do and, from that standpoint, questions, problems, confusion, discouragement, illusions multiply."

Prayer is essentially what God does - not something we are doing to God or giving to God but what "God is doing for us. And what God is doing for us is giving us the divine Self in love."
I am loving this book because the author articulates so well what I believe about prayer - I know that God wants me to allow Him to love me and that is the essence of my prayer. Prayer is a relationship with God. For me, that means a personal and intimate relationship with God the Father, with Jesus, and with the Holy Spirit.

I will need to continue these reflections tomorrow and I do welcome comments. I hit publish but never see the comments I receive appear in the blog, but I am still learning and do appreciate the feedback I have received. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Helen, thank you for the booklist which you are producing. A few of the titles I recognise from your on-line course in spirituality but there are lots of new ones I'll be noting for the future.

I am sure there might be some among your blog-readers who would like to hear about your on-line course. For me it was a wonderful chance to experience learning (with others from all over the world) how some outstanding people throughout the centuries sought and found God. It did prove to be an opportunity for personal spiritual growth and a very enriching experience. Gratefully, Jane.

Helen said...

There is a link to the online Program in Spirituality Studies on the side.