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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

St. Joseph the Worker

Although it is the first day of the month dedicated to Mary, at least in the United States, it begins with the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker. Joseph only has two feasts, the other being March 19. It was only in 1955 that this Feast of St. Joseph the Worker was proclaimed by Pius XII because the first of May is Labor Day in many countries. Joseph is a model for all working people.

Joseph was a silent man, but a man of great faith. He was also a just man who God spoke to in his dreams and Joseph obeyed. I suspect that Mary is very happy to have her month begin with a Feast in honor of Joseph.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Helen. Although I do not always post a comment, your daily reflections are a part of my daily prayer. Before I begin my academic work for the day I turn to the relfection and turn my work over to Our Lord. Isn't it interesting that the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker follows the gospel of Jesus the Shepherd-the worker. This morning our pastor reflected on the fact that Joseph was the role model for Jesus in terms of learning to be a human person, a worker, a friend, a lover, a father. He can be a role model for us too was the message. So in the words of hte seven dwarfs-it's off to work I go! Love and peace to you and to all this day.