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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Practicing Peace

Today I want to mention a new book called "Practicing Peace: A devotional walk through the Quaker tradition" by Catherine Whitmire (Sorin, 2007). The book is divided into six sections, each a different way of Practicing Peace from with ourselves, our daily living, until Practicing Peace in the world. I want to give just one of the many quotations from the book's section on Practicing Peace in our everyday lives with love.
"I'd like to think God loves me because of my sterling character and pleasant demeanor, but whien I suggest this possiblility, my wife's uncontrollable laughter quickly deflates such delusions. It seems much more likely that God loves every person as much as God loves me. I believe God is love and that everything God does, God does because of love. When this love is poured on the wicked, the rebellious, and the resistant--adjectives that fit all of us on occasion--we call it grace."
If you like to read thought provoking quotes, get this book. Here is another from the same section: "The problem comes when we meed the unlovable, how is that to be loved? ...Whether or not a person was "unlovable" was beside the point, they were made to be loved, and only being loved makes a person lovable."

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