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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spiritual Reading Nourishes the Soul

Today I want to reflect with you why I think putting some spiritual books on this blog will be helpful. We cannot live without nourishing our bodies and we need to provide nourishment for our souls, too. The best spiritual reading is, of course, the Bible, the Word of God. Some take time each day to read a bit from both the Old Testament(Hebrew Scripture) and the New Testament(Christian Scripture) and I am a firm believer in Lectio Divina - a slow, repetitive reading of a passage until you really have not only read it but meditated it, prayed over it, and then just be with it. This method of reading, meditating, praying, and contemplating was made popular by the Benedictines in the Middle Ages(it had been around long before Benedict) and is still very much in use by many who pray today.
There are great spiritual classics and I am sure I will be mentioning many as I do teach these, but I want to make known some of the contemporary authors who are writing today and whose books do nourish the soul. I plan to feature at least one author a week and hope to mention a few books each week and say something about the books chosen. Just be patient as I also want to continue reflecting on the many things the Holy Spirit brings to mind.

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