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Monday, May 28, 2007

Pentecost Monday & Memorial Day

I am still with the Holy Spirit brooding over the waters. As is custom in our community, we each drew a gift and fruit of the Holy Spirit to pray for during the year; I like to think that it is the gift and fruit that the Holy Spirit wants us to have to help us during the year. I drew fortitude and peace and like both very much.

At our community prayer, we began with the following that I would like to share with you:
Come, Holy Spirit
Replace the tension within us with a holy relaxation.
Replace the turbulence within us with a sacred calm.
Replace the anxiety within us with a quiet confidence.
Replace the fear within us with a strong faith.
Replace the bitterness within us with the sweetness of grace.
Replace the darness within us with a gentle light.
Replace the coldness within us with a loving warmth.
Replace the night within us with your light.
Replace the winter within us with your spring.
Straighten our crookedness.
Fill our emptiness.
Dull the edge of our pride.
Sharpen the edge of our humility.
Light the fires of our love.
Quench the flames of our lust.
Let us see outselves as you see us,
that we may see you as you have promised
and be fortunate according to your word.
Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God.


moira said...

This is great, Sister. Thank you so much.


Helen said...

Moira, I am glad to have comments and know that some are reading my blog. Thank you.