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Thursday, June 27, 2013

A New Sense of Humility

Perhaps it comes from reading Ilia Delio's book on the "Humility of God, combined with the Life of Pope Francis and the book I am rereading, Pagola's "Jesus an Historical Approximation" but I certainly have been reflecting on humility. I suspect it has no connection with the humility we were supposed to get as novices by humiliation. This is a new sense and I think the pictures of the tiniest of seeds, and then the large mustard tree spreading its branches to welcome all illustrate what humility means in my life today.
The parable created by Jesus to show how much God loves us and His joy when we return to Him, speaks to me of the humility of God. The prodigal son was wrong to ask for his inheritance and leave his family to go off to lead a life of pleasure. When he is reduced to wishing that he had the pods to eat that were given to feed the pigs, he comes to his senses, realizes that he needs to return and ask his father's forgiveness. Meanwhile, the father has been longing for his son's return and going out to watch for him in vain. Finally, the day comes when he catches sight of his son coming home and he rushes to meet him. He embraces him and shows him his joy by asking the servants to bring the best robe for him and a ring and sandals for his feet. He leads him home planning a celebration to show how happy he is to have his son back home again. There is never a hint of reproach.
Then, of course, we have the other son who is resentful when he hears the joyful celebration going on as he comes home from his hard work in the fields. He refuses to go join in so his father comes out to him. The father listens to his complaint; indeed he is full of resentment for the father has never killed a fatted calf for him. The father assures him that all that he has is his - the father loves both of his sons. I did not intend to write any of this today, but do take time to reflect on the humility and love of God for each of us. Then we know how to act with humility in our own lives. I think the humble person is always grateful and joyful!!

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