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Monday, June 10, 2013

Trust and Pray

Today I am sending you a real treasure. I no doubt sent it a long time ago in this blog, but using this for prayer was a real grace for me and I am sure it will be for you, too. We used to say this in preparation for the First Friday of each month.


Sacred Heart of Jesus,
To your adoration, I unite myself
To your burning love,
To Your ardent zeal,
To your reparation,
To your thanksgiving,
To your firm confidence,
To your fervent prayers,
To your silence,
To your humility,
To your obedience,
To your gentleness and peace,
To your surpassing kindness,
To your universal charity,
To your deep recollection,
To your intense desire for the conversion of sinners,
To your close union with the heavenly Father,
To your intentions, desires, and will, I unite myself.
Love of the Heart of Jesus, Inflame my heart,
Charity of the Heart of Jesus, Abound in my heart,
Strength of the Heart of Jesus, Uphold my heart,
Mercy of the Heart of Jesus, Forgive my heart,
Patience of the Heart of Jesus, Do not weary of my heart,
Kingdom of the Heart of Jesus, Be established in my heart,
Wisdom of the Heart of Jesus, Teach my heart,
Zeal of the Heart of Jesus, Consume my heart,
Will of the heart of Jesus, Dispose of my heart.

Adorable Trinity, We thank for the favors which you granted for St. Madeleine Sophie. We ask you to grant us the graces to be conformed with the Heart of Jesus completely. Amen.

Take one invocation to spend the day with and repeat it as you go through the day. It will make a difference in your life!

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