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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Carried by Jesus

Have you ever felt that Jesus was carrying you? I suspect we all have felt this at different times in our lives. I love the story of only one set of footprints because Jesus was carrying the person who thought he had been left alone with all his problems. Jesus is always there for us.

I want to quote a bit from one of my favorite letters of Reverend Mother Therese de Lescure. This is the one that she wrote to the Society preparing for its 150 year celebration. It is on our name, Society of the Sacred Heart:
"It was first of all  between the Society and Our Lord who accepted the offering and took possession of it. In marking it with His name, He made it His own and gave it His Heart...

"What our Holy Mother further assured the Society by its baptismal name was the right to enter and dwell in this Heart.....

But this name would also be a title to entrance, not to the threshold but to the very depths of this divine Heart.,,,

I am going to try to keep to the theme of the Sacred Heart of Jesus during the month of June as it will be good for us to reflect on various aspects of the devotion. I do hope you try praying with the invocations posted in yesterday's blog.

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