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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Reflection on the Name

By giving us the name, Society of the Sacred Heart, St. Madeleine Sophie assured us of the right to enter and dwell in His Heart. What a gift!
To continue to quote from the November Letter of Reverend Mother de Lescure in 1949:
"Our Lord has many disciples, apostles and friends. During his mortal life and since, many faithful, chosen souls have looked on Him, followed Him, and loved Him. However, is it rash to think that few, too few, going beyond what they have seen and heard about Him, are able to enter the depths of His Life? The solitude of His Heart is a crushing reality. How many souls remain at the threshold, without ever trying to reach, were it only the edge of the torrents of Love which rise towards His Father and souls."

I have already told you how the phrase "the solitude of His Heart is a crushing reality" really influenced me as a novice. Now you have it in context. More on this tomorrow.

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