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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tired and Thirsty

Summer has begun and people are tired and thirsty. Some are looking forward to having vacation and planning where to go, what to pack, and busy with many details so they can enjoy some days of leisure.
Jesus was tired when he reached the well and sat down to rest. His disciples went off to procure some food. Jesus, in the meantime, is thirsty. He thirsts not just for the water the woman could give him; he has a greater thirst to further the reign of God and sets about doing this with the request "Give me to drink."
This must have startled the woman as a Jewish man would normally never speak with an unknown woman and a Samaritan! However, Jesus draws her into conversation and soon she wants only to tell others that she has found the Messiah.
I guess seeing that Jesus is so human is what helps me to enter into conversation with him each day. By now we are like an old married couple and hardly need words as we know each other's thoughts. Still, when I am tired and thirsty, I think of this scene and feel drawn into conversation with Jesus. He does ask some good questions!

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