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Friday, June 14, 2013

How to descend into the Heart of Jesus

"The immense solitude of His Heart does not often find anyone with whom it can communicate." I am pondering that line from Reverend Mother de Lescure's Letter that I have been sharing with you this week. She tells us that St. Madeleine Sophie founded the Society to people the solitude of the Heart of Jesus.  We were to " heed the ardor of His heartbeats" and "not leave Him alone in the depths of His Life....That is why  she wanted prayer to lead us to the most intimate and reserved realm of His Interior Dispositions..."
We are to be ready to descend into the solitude of His Heart alone, detached, and offered. But "the fact remains that this is a grace. we do not take it by storm; it is the conquest neither of the inquiring mind nor of the tenacious will. We ask for it on our knees, prostrate in our misery, conscious of our unworthiness, certain, however, of the call which is expressed by the name we bear, Jesus Christ, revealing His Heart, and we, unworthy beggars, entering and descending to unite and conform ourselves: such was to be the prayer of the Society."

I know that many different people read my blogs; I think, although the above was written for the Religious of the Sacred Heart, we can all learn to beg the grace of entering the Heart of Jesus.

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