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Monday, June 24, 2013

Jesus wanted us to believe that the reign of God has begun and we yet we are to pray "Thy Kingdom Come." I think that we do not realize (I am just beginning to try to do this) that we are part of the evolution of the world and have a important role in bringing about the reign of God. Jesus told us that we are to love one another as He has loved us. That seems to be what He kept trying to teach us by His example: He went about doing good, showing compassion to those who were suffering, healing the sick, welcoming all, even sinners. He taught by example, but also used parables that were full of ordinary things that all could know and reflect on - the ravens, the lilies, the sower, the beggar, the lost coin, the shepherd who cared for his sheep, etc. I am being caught up into the life of Jesus in a new way as I pray and ponder the book, "Jesus: An Historical Approximation" by Jose Pagola. If I keep mentioning this book, it is because it is having an influence right now on my spirituality. I hope all my friends will read it and find joy in discovering a human Jesus who is very close to each of us.

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