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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

This is one of my favorite feasts as I think we have so much to learn from both of these Apostles and Saints.
Peter was close to Jesus. He was one of the first selected by Jesus to be an apostle. He was impetuous, but a real leader. He followed Jesus and was a witness to His transfiguration. He also was a witness to the prayer of Jesus in the garden. Peter had promised not to abandon Jesus, but Jesus told him that he would deny him three times that same night - and this at the Last Supper when Jesus had washed the feet of each of his chosen ones. Yet, Peter repented and ended up being the first Pope to help the followers of Jesus.
Paul was certainly not a friend of Jesus and was diligent in trying to stop the first followers of Jesus. Jesus had to meet him on the road to Damascus and convert him. Once Paul's eyes were opened, he became a great Apostle and fearless in preaching the reign of God. We can learn from both Peter and Paul as we follow Jesus today.

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