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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Reflection

This Sunday's Readings give much to reflect on and I think that we are learning to be more aware of the great compassion of God. I am also reading the book "The Humility of God" by Ilia Delio - it is taking me a long time because I need to keep going back over a page and underlining so many of her thought-filled sentences. I think her speaking of the humility of God in this book and the compassion of God in another have made the readings for Sunday speak to me of the great compassion shown and commented on for this Sunday by John Kavanaugh - we are still reborn in Christ!

"Elijah begged God to restore a dead son to a poor widow. Guilt was the order of the day. She presumed it was either Elijah's fault or her own that the son had died. But the guilt was overcome. The prophet, hovering over the lad, called his lifebreath back.
]esus, for his part, encountered a widow at Naim. He saw her in the funeral procession of her only son. Moved with compassion for her loss, his words were, “Do not cry.” He touched the litter and said, “Young man, 1 bid you, get up.” Then ]esus gave him back to his mother.
But did these two children of two widows eventually die someday? Of course they did. This can only mean that the message behind all those accounts of bringing back to life is not the perpetual postponement of death. Death will come, whether now or later. But the healings of the prophets, as well as Jesus, are symbolic of a deeper healing. The point cannot be to stave off death. If that were the point, Jesus himself should never have died.
But Jesus did die. And he was risen up by the power of the Father. That is the point. No matter what death we endure—even sin itself—it is not definitive. We are reborn in Christ."

The Heart of Christ is full of compassion and He needs us to be compassionate!

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