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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Naming the Society with the name of His Heart was a mutual and real exchange of ownership between the Society and Our Lord who accepted the offering and took possession of it. As Reverend Mother de Lescure says in her November Circular Letter of 1949, "In marking it with His name, He made it His own and gave it His Heart. His name became the sign of the contract between love and mercy on one hand, confidence and total abandonment on the other, for this is what an alliance me be that unites the Heart which is only Love and Mercy with the poor, weak creatures that we all are....this reciprocal possession would make possible by right and fact the admirable exchange of poverty and riches, of failure and pardon, of frailty and strength, of powerlessness and life..."
What a grace for us to be called the Society of the Sacred Heart! Let us ponder what this means for each of us today - Religious, Associate, Alumni, Colleague, Friend, Child of Mary, etc. There is much to reflect on in considering the name of the Society.

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