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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Prayer that leads us into the Heart of Jesus

This sunrise calls one to early morning prayer. How do we prepare to descend into the Heart of Jesus?
In the Circular Letter that I have been quoting this week, Reverend Mother de Lescure tells us that "A deed, a word, a gesture, a movement, an attitude of Jesus in the Gospel...all may lead us into the solitude of His Heart, where the riches and interior dispositions of His Heart are found.
She also reminds us that there may be darkness but "let us remain there, humble, and trusting, courageous and faithful, never doubting that love is at work in the soul, even unknown to it, as long as it is resolute in its desire not to leave Him alone, and to share, in its small measure, in the solitude of His Heart."

I hope reflecting with me this week on bits of this powerful Circular Letter has been helpful for you; it has for me as I suspect this letter was almost a school of prayer for me as a novice.

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