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Monday, September 26, 2022

A new week to praise and serve the Lord

Although I am thinking that this is a new week to praise and serve the Lord, I am also aware that it is a new week to let God love us and be grateful. I did not get far with my list of titles for God last week, but I am overwhelmed by His goodness to me and to all of us. 

Yesterday we had the Induction of the seniors who are being accepted into the Sacred Heart Society here at Sacred Heart Prep in Atherton. Because of Covid, there were fewer applicants in their Junior Year so only seventeen were accepted for this year. I have the vice-president of the student body and we have had four great visits as we have an hour each week with our Senior just to build a relationship. This year, because of Covid, the Induction Ceremony was not during our Sunday Mass but in the afternoon and the students were told that only one parent was to come with them. Usually, we had a Mass with both parents and then food and social time in the patio and it was always the fourth Sunday of August. Things change.

I also had a small group to discuss the booklet we all received after our special Provincial Assembly. I put up a sign and some were interested and came. The truth is that we often receive things from the Province and do not take time to discuss them and so we forget about the good things that are happening to move us into the future where we will be organized differently, but we will still be the Society of the Sacred Heart with the same charism and spirit. We are international and, just now, the vocations seem to be mostly in Asia and Africa. Fewer entering in so many Provinces means we need to think about merges in the future as we are all getting older. I think that it gives me great hope to see how we are beginning to plan for the future.

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