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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Already Within

Yesterday, a friend in England sent me a book by Daniel J. O'Leary, "Already Within: Divining the Hidden Spring` (The Columba Press in association with The Tablet, 2007)

Since I believe that the Holy Spirit inspires this blog, I want to share with you the page I opened to in "Already Within": (The bold and italics are mine)
"To be writing this reflection between the feast of the Flesh and Blood of the Son of Man, Corpus Christi. . and the Sacred Heart . . is a great joy. Both celebrations, so physical, so intimate, so universal and so incarnational, are given to remind us of these wonderful truths. At Mass, the body of the man Jesus is transformed into our bodies, and ours into his. We feel the flow of his wine-blood within, merging with our very being at a profound level of mutual surrender and transformation. The divine heartbeat becomes the energy that pulsed in ours. . . .
"Those precious moments after Holy Communion are marvelous in their sensibility. They have an immediate sensuousness and an experiential truth that can take our breath away. In on of his weekly homilies Pope John Paul II described our need of God in the Eucharist 'as physical as the need for food or water'; our desire for intimacy with God as 'instinctive and physical' It is not by chance, he said, that the psalmist spoke of 'an embrace, of a clinging that is almost physical'. The Eucharist is God with skin on; it is God's hug."

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