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Monday, June 18, 2007

Water speaks to me of God

We have had a lack of water this winter in South Florida and were forbiddent to water lawns and wash cars except on two days designated by the side of the street you lived on and then only at very specified hours (before eight in the morning and after seven in the evening). June began the hurricane season and we have had thunder storms almost everyday and this past week we have had several storms. It has poured and we have welcomed the rain. The lakes are filling up again and we are grateful for the gift of water.

Water is also a symbol of God for me. I think I may have written something about how the ocean reminds me of God's immense love, but this morning I want to share with you something of the stillness of deep pools where God seems to wait for me. I dive down and enter the cleft in the rock and find myself in God's heart, surrounded by love. Try it and see if this is a way for you, too, to enter into prayer.

My other reflection today was on the alternate prayer in the Liturgy where we are to "cherish God's gifts" and, of course, water is one of the greatest of his gifts and so many people are still deprived of easy access to clean water.

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