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Friday, June 15, 2007

Feast of the Sacred Heart

Fountains of living water flow from the Heart of Christ, our Good Shepherd. In reading the mystics who had very real experiences of the Heart of Christ we find that sometimes Jesus calls us to enter His Heart; at other times, He is to be found in ours; and still other mystics had the experience of an exchange of hearts!
John Tauler, a 14th century Dominican wrote:
"What more could he still do for us, that he has not done? He has opened his very heart to us, as the most secret chamber wherein to lead our soul, his chosen spouse. For it is his joy to be with us in silent stillness, and in peaceful silence to rest there with us . . . He gives us his heart entirely, that it may be our home. He desires our hearts in return that they may be his dwelling place."

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