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Friday, June 22, 2007

God is abiding in us

Yesterday, I received some notes from a very wise and holy person. I am going to quote from them: "We all start life from a single cell that has enough energy to sustain us for a lifetime." That is the first thought that made me reflect and think about what a mystery the gift of life is!
Then,"The ground of everything is within me and in that first cell of me is God. And this is true for every person. Learning to live from this ground and this center is the real journey of our life."

God is abiding in me and I am in God. Jesus draws me to the Father and asks me to realize that I need only trust the Father's love and let God work in me. He loves me and is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-merciful. Why do we hesitate to surrender ourselves to his Love? He loves us no matter what and never leaves us.


Anonymous said...

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Helen said...

Gracias, Rodrigo, por su interes en mi blog.