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Friday, June 29, 2007

Feast of Peter and Paul

As the Preface gives the theology behind the Feast, let us look at today's Preface for the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul. It is, of course, addressed to the Father.

Father . . .you fill our hearts with joy as we honor your great apostles: Peter, our leader in the faith, and Paul, its fearless preacher. Peter raised up the Church from the faithful flock of Israel. Paul brought your call to the nations, and became the teacher of the world. Each in his chosen way gathered into unity the one family of Christ. Both shared a martyr's death and are praised thoughout the world.
So, our hearts are, and should be, filled with joy for Peter and Paul and the gifts God gave them. They used those gifts to spread the word of God and proclaim the coming of God's reign. God continues to bestow his gifts to give us leaders and teachers. What gift has he given me for others? How am I using it? How will I honor Peter and Paul today?

Jesus is still asking: "Who do you say that I am?" What is my response today?

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