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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jesus came that we may have life!

I am still reflecting on the theme of the Good Shepherd. Geaorge Maloney,SJ, in his Entering into the Heart of Jesus: Meditations on the Indwelling Tinity in St. John's Gospel, says that the sheep that belong to the Good Shepherd experience, in the love of their Pastor, the outpoured love of the Heavenly Father through their mutual love, the Holy Spirit. Jesus is not only the true and only shepherd who leads us into the sheepfold, the Kingdom of God. He is also the good (in Greek the word is kalos, indicating a gentle, loving, self-sacrificing, kindness) shepherd. He lays down his life to save his sheep. He knows each of us in our unique personhood, by our name. And he has come that we may have life!

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