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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

An invitation

In your imagination you can walk through the leaves and sit down on this bench and invite Jesus to come and talk with you. I have several things to say to Jesus about the many graces He gives each of us everyday! My gratitude journal has been neglected lately, but I do try to thank each day for the little joys and surprises. I am trying to see the good in all that happens. It is interesting to me that I have no desire to watch television as it is just too many commercials. I do want to watch a few things but now depend on the newspapers for most of my news and I do find myself praying as I read the morning paper. There is so much suffering and I just hope the Pope's plea for us all to think of the common good will make a difference in our country.

St. Madeleine Sophie said, " We are called to reproduce in our lives the commandment that Jesus call his own: the precept of charity.   We should all have the same thought; we ought to be ready to face any sacrifice in the interests of others."

And here is another quote: "Interior life is the primary need of our hearts. It is only the glory of God and zeal for the good of our neighbor that can draw us away."
Now go sit on that bench and dialogue with Jesus.

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