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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Scripture

Many people only hear the Word of God when it is read at the Sunday liturgies. I was thinking about this and realize that is one reason the Holy Father keeps asking us to read the Gospels everyday. He gave away small books of the Gospels so that people could carry them with them.
The readings at Mass are important and carefully chosen for Sundays so that there is a connection between the first reading and the Gospel. My parish church, St. Thomas, the Apostle, projects the reading on the wall which I find very helpful. Many of the congregation speak Spanish at home and, although there are Spanish Masses in all the parishes, more are in English and so it helps to have the readings projected on the walls on either side of the altar. I suppose that those of us who are hearing impaired appreciate this and I wish the homilies could have three points and have these on the wall, too.

This Sunday we see the care with which the Lord healed the man who had the speech impairment and probably he did not speak correctly because he was deaf. Jesus was also opening his ears so he could hear. All of us need to pray that Jesus opens our ears each day to hear His voice, to be attentive to the Holy Spirit, and then learn to speak to others of the goodness of the Lord!

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