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Monday, September 14, 2015

His Heart, Open for us

One thing that comes through when reading the different homilies and talks of Pope Francis is his concern for others. He is living and teaching as Jesus would, if Pope. I think Jesus would prefer to be walking around in one of the poorest countries today and just being with the people and teaching them about God's love.

Sometimes my morning hour of prayer carries me through the day. I suspect it always does, but I am conscious of the strength of that hour or more of quiet prayer before I leave my room permeating my day. It gives me strength and joy and that helps me to have these qualities for others.

This morning I went back to a passage from a Conference given by our Mother General at that time, Clare Pratt, in 2003 for our young Religious in Rome before their final profession. Each group always receives a name and a devise. This time, the name was "The Open and Welcoming Heart of Jesus" with the devise: "Through his wounds we are healed." (Is 53,5)

What stayed with me was how the Heart of Jesus, the core of His being, is where He invites us, "calls us home"  His Heart is always open to welcome us and we are invited to enter it, "rest in it and find there the healing that we seek, that we cannot bring about ourselves."

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Silvana rscj said...

That was my probation - my name and devise :)) (Also Sheila Smith and Agnes Chimbayo from your province) The pierced Heart had been with me since I was a novice, gradually evolving into an open Heart, so you can imagine how delighted I was to receive this name!