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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Of many things

Today I am praying to St. Madeleine Sophie and realizing how much she suffered from her foot. Since Thursday night, I have been in pain from my right foot. There is no comfortable position when I am in bed so I have not slept well for the past four nights. One takes for granted that everything will work as it should. I do not think this is serious as my doctor looked at it on Friday and just offered pain pills which I refused. I keep hoping it will be better and I can walk on it, have been in the pool, and then tried to act as if all was well. I am thinking today that I need to do something more. If you are reading this, please pray to St. Madeleine Sophie for me. I might also try St. Philippine Duchesne as I have her relic and she has taken good care of me for years. I need to be able to drive so it is important to cure this foot.

Well, that is probably the most unspiritual reflection I have written in all my years of writing a daily blog. Forgive me, but when one member of the body hurts, all the members suffer, too. My head is full of thoughts of a dear Religious of the Sacred Heart who went to God yesterday; it is also thinking of my community member who is in rehab. And then there is the joy of having the Pope in Cuba and coming to the United States.

Here is a quote from St. Madeleine Sophie: "Let us ask the spirit of fortitude to enable us to overcome generously the obstacles to our perfection-all the little miseries that trouble and preoccupy us. In a word, we may rise above these pettinesses so that we may forget ourselves and think only of God's interests."

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