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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wisdom from St. Madeleine Sophie

I feel that St. Madeleine Sophie wants me to share some of her wisdom today. These are just a few quotes that may help you:

"Let us ask for the spirit of fortitude to enable us to overcome generously the obstacles to our perfection --all the little miseries that trouble and preoccupy us. In a word, we may rise above these pettinesses so that we may forget ourselves and think only of God's interests."

"It is costly to remain in miserable mediocrity belonging neither to God now or to oneself. It is like swimming between two currents; it is dangerous and painful. Let us hurry and go with the current; once there the Holy Spirit will move us along and we will arrive in port more surely.

"Interior life is the primary need of our hearts. It is only the glory of God and zeal for the good of our neighbor that can draw us away."

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