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Friday, September 11, 2015

This is a picture that intrigues me. Why is the man standing in the boat? Is he trying to haul in a fish? I really do not know and can only guess. I think I do a great deal of that in my daily life. It is dangerous to interpret something when I have no idea of why a person is doing what she or he seems to be doing. I can easily make a mistake and before you know it, I have a whole story about what I thought I saw. I may be judging the other, attributing motives, etc. Reverend Mother Bulto, one of our Mother Generals, once told us in Chile that she never judged another because she knew that she acted with good intentions and had to believe that others did, too, no matter how the scene appeared.
Judge not and you will not be judged; think positive thoughts and see the good in all and you will be filled with joy!

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