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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Fear not, be strong...

The reading from Isaiah for Sunday's Mass reminds us again that we are not to be afraid. Whatever happens to us should not cause us to fear as we are loved by God. God cares for each of us and is always with us. I should be so grateful for His loving care, but I often forget to trust Him.  Perhaps that is why Isaiah says, "Be strong, fear not..." A trusting person is strong with the strength of God.

In Sunday's Gospel, Jesus heals the man who is deaf and cannot speak well. One commentary says that the man was probably not born deaf as he was not really mute. The fact is that he was suffering from his inability to communicate; Jesus was attentive to his need, took him aside, and healed him. I think this Gospel makes me want to pray more for people who suffer so that I bring them to Jesus in prayer and allow Jesus to do what is best for each.
My own profound hearing loss has brought me many graces and I do my best to be grateful and to realize what a gift it has been for me. At the same time, I struggle when I cannot hear. The truth is that even the struggle is a grace for me. And then there are the advantages of being able to take off my hearing aids and have absolute quiet!

Perhaps I will have a more spiritual reflection tomorrow!

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